LM Vertical Grinding Mill

In the cement production industry, it requires a lot of involvement of large machinery and equipment, such as crusher for crushing limestone and other materials, the material used to cement mill grinding, vertical roller mill desulfurization agent for milling and ball milling, coal mill and other equipment. In the above apparatus, equipment development and production company primarily vertical mill, which is mainly used for grinding mill and coal production of coal desulfurization agent, in order to assist in cement production. LM series vertical milling machine, which is developed and launched by Zenith, sets medium crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and other functions as a whole, being the ideal equipment in the grinding industry.

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LM Vertical Grinding Mill Working Principle

In the current competitive conditions of the domestic mining processing industries, companies engaged in this industry is facing cost pressures, quality and other aspects, of which the largest number of pressure cement industry. China's construction industry after ten years of rapid development, has now stabilized, and even declining trend, while reducing the number of building construction, but also led to the construction and building industry is directly related to the production of sand and gravel, cement production industry, steel production industries facing unprecedented challenges. In the current economic pressures, which companies have more advanced equipment, the production of higher quality, lower cost of production, then the easier it is to seize the initiative, it will be able to keep in tough economic conditions higher economic efficiency, so as to obtain long-term development.

Vertical roller mill created in order to meet the requirements of refined flour, the device has high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, simple operation, and other advantages, makes its application more simple, more people have been welcome, and their use has long been penetration of many chemical and other industries, people's attention has moved from its performance, shift to a global, such as ease of operation, such as after-sales installation, such as the purchase process was like. Vertical roller mill equipment is a very important ultrafine grinding equipment, the equipment due to changes in market demand is constantly changing, innovation, a great number of vertical roller mill equipment manufacturers energy conversion system, the purpose is to better meet Superfine powder market.

Vertical roller mill with high efficiency, low energy consumption, no dust pollution, less wear and tear wear-resistant parts, etc. in mill production. In addition, its vertical structure is relatively simple, small footprint, which also contributed to the user a good impression of the product , it increased its market share. According to customers' requirements, Zenith success in absorbing foreign experience and world-advanced technology, and in producing our vertical products, with self-owned intellectual property right. Now it has wide application in metallurgy, construction, chemical and mining industries, being the preferred equipments in grinding industry. LM series vertical grinding mills are widely used in grinding non-flammable and non-explosive materials under 9.3(the Moh's hardness), such as grinding quartz, feldspar, calcite, talcum, barite, fluorite, iron ore, copper ore quartz, slag, cement clinker, zircon sand, fly ash and carborundum, coal, etc.

LM Vertical Grinding Mill Related Knowledge

  • 1. Low running costs. It adopts the technology that vertical roller grind material directly on the disc, with low energy consumption; for the roller is not contact with the disc directly in the work, and the roller and liner are made by quality materials, it is of less wear and long life.
  • 2. Simple and reliable operation. Its automatic control system can reach remote control, which is easy to operate; there is the device to prevent roller sleeve contact with disc liner directly, and avoid the destructive impact and severe vibration; we can turn the rotating arm by repairing fuel tank, replace the roller and liner are more convenient, which can reduce the downtime.
  • 3. Energy conservation and environmental protection. It features small vibration, low noise, and sealing device as a whole, and the system also works with no pressure and dust spills.

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